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Innovative Staff Training Course

An initiative of Team EESPL, to train their staff members so that they are able to deliver their best. Although, we hire professionals and best trainers for you but this course helps them to be extraordinary. This is an effective learning & teaching program that is designed with the aim of polishing the skills of the hired trainers and professionals in multi domains.

The knowledge and the understanding of the teachers are enhanced and their professional values are also nurtured. The interest for other in trending technologies other than the one they are working for, is inculcated in the staff through this training course. Like, we have web developers, android developers, Embedded experts, MATLAB experts but they are experts in their domains only, this course helps them to be knowledgeable about the other software’s and technologies. This also gives them a break from monotonous schedule as this course helps them learn something different and something new. Nowadays, staff is being trained in MATLAB software because this is the software in which most of the researchers and scholars are working in.

The training course is beneficiary for the growth of the company as well as the employees at individual level. This decent course introduced by EESPL for staff is of intense benefit for both the company and the staff.