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Foundation Courses

Foundation courses are preparatory courses designed for students who want to learn more in a lesser time span. These can also be referred to as quick learning programs in which the whole module or the training module is aimed to finish in a shorter duration. EESPL have taken initiative to start foundation courses for engineering students pursuing their bachelors, masters or doctorate degrees. Any enthusiastic learner or practitioner who couldn’t learn the software because of time issues can join the foundation course introduced by EESPL. The foundation courses introduced by EESPL are on MATLAB, Image processing, NS-2, Optiism, Soft computing and so on. These courses are developed and designed as 30 hour programs in which all the important aspects of the module chosen will be covered. Our industry experts will train you and guide you throughout the course and even after the course completion. These courses will not only educate you about the theoretical concepts but practical sessions will also be held that will enhance your skills as well as your confidence of programming yourself. These decent courses are not heavy your pocket.

The foundation courses provided by EESPL are worth every penny you have paid. These effective teaching & learning programs are very valuable and useful for the researchers planning to work in the field in future. You can choose the course as per your interest and remember you will not need six weeks or six months to learn these modules, all you will need are 30 hours.

These foundation courses are strongly recommended to practitioners, learners and researchers who desire to study or learn this module but couldn’t only because of time problem.