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Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned. Today acquiring knowledge has became easy with the help of the internet, as due to the hectic schedule of the college and the curriculum decided by the universities it is not possible for the students to be acquainted with latest technologies , and they lack behind in this fast developing world.

To help those students ESSPL has taken an initiative by conducting workshops in colleges. This is quite beneficial for both students and the teachers. This workshop basically consists of the introduction of the software. Workshops are the framework for making students familiar with various latest technologies. Recently a workshop was conducted in Baba Banda Singh Bahadur College based on MATLAB software.

The workshop started with an introduction of the software its need, role of MATLAB software during their course for making projects, thesis etc. The workshop was organized for the student who are pursuing as part of their curriculum they need to do research in the various fields .with the help MATLAB software they can make their projects as coding in this is brief, easy and justifiable. The workshop was successfully conducted as the students were able to make the problems that were given to them. The demonstration of various applications were given to the students that helped which they were able to understand about the use of the software, in addition to this various real time based projects were shown on which we have already work and introduction about the upcoming projects were given to them. After the completion of the particular task, the quire session was held that helped students to clear their doubts. We assisted students about the field in which they can do researches along with this the students were made acquainted with the recent research fields. In a nutshell it was very useful and effective workshop that helped the students in enhancing their knowledge and to select the topic for their researches.