Electrical Modelling For Engineers

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Electrical engineering is branch of engineering that deals with the designing of the various control systems. The system that is to be studied under the electrical engineering consists of electrical system, power systems, thermal systems, motors etc. The deigning of these systems is quite expensive due to the use of the various components. In addition to this the time consumption for connecting the components and designing the system is more. To reduce the designing cost and time the simulation software have been developed. So before implementing these systems in real world, it is tested by using Simulation software. MATLAB software provides us such tool with the help of which we can check the working of design before implementing it practically.
EESPL is has taken an initiative by conducting a foundation program for electrical engineers with the help of which they can design various electrical , power and other systems. This 30 hr based program will help the student to acquire the knowledge about the simulation tool that is present in the MATLAB software. By attending this course, student will be able to design the simulation model of various systems. The various systems like Power system, electrical systems, thermal systems, motors etc are designed on tool first to check the efficiency of the system.
This tool is quite useful for the students doing M.tech, Phd .With the help of this program they will be able to design the electrical models .They can make various projects and can do in thesis in the electrical field.

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