Softcomputing Masters

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With the advancement in the technologies, various biological researches are made and it is concluded that the experiments performed are very useful and are less time consuming for the analysis of the data. In this way two different domains are connected to each other, by using the biological methodologies the result of the practical work is obtained. Soft computing is technology that connect two different domains i.e. Science and engineering. Soft computing is an important and the useful tool the analysis of the data. It is a consortium of various techniques like fuzzy logics, artificial neural network, Genetic algorithm etc. All these techniques are capable of handling the real life problems with great flexibility and accurately. The results obtained by soft computing techniques are robust, low solution cost and the close similarity with human like decision making power. A soft computing tool box is present in the MATLAB software, with the help of which various soft computing techniques are implemented .
EESPL with the help of its highly competent trainees are introducing a foundation program for the aspirants those want to learn the soft computing. Many student and teachers are not familiar with this growing technology .SO this foundation course will act as a small step toward those aspirants, that are to learn this technology. This course will cover the broad areas of the soft computing techniques which have wide applications in the real life problems. The session will be conducted by using MATLAB software. The session will start with the introduction of MATLAB, then we will discuss about soft computing, various tool of soft computing technique like Fuzzy logics, neural networks and Genetic algorithm. Along with this many problems solutions using command based use of these tools are also given .This technology will be helpful for the various based projects and thesis. Not only the students but the teachers and various others postulant can learn this technology. This technology can be almost in every filed like image processing ,wireless communication , electrical engineering and many more , the soft computing techniques are used to resolve the problems related to any field. With the help of the foundation program by EESPL you can acquire knowledge about various soft computing techniques that will help you in making projects and doing researches in various fields.

Courses syllabus
Title estimate time PDF Tutorials
Session 1 :- Need Of Programming
  Need Of Programming
Introduction to MATLAB, How to open, quit and work on command window, Handling MATLAB Software 60 min yes
Fundamentals of MATLAB Programming, Matrix Operations (User Defined, Random), Array Operations (1-D, 2-D Arrays), Addressing Matrices,Application development Session 90 min yes
Session 2 :- Handling Graphics In MATLAB
 Handling Graphics In MATLAB
Graphical Plotting and Representation using MATLAB 60 min yes
Guide to Develop Graphical user Interface with MATLAB, Introduction to GUI and its uses,Importing and Exporting Data in GUI (get, set, axes etc), 90 min yes
Session 3 :- Introduction to Soft Computing
 Introduction to Soft Computing
Constituents of Soft Computing 30 min yes
Neural Networks 30 min yes
Fuzzy Logics 30 min yes
Life Inspired Soft computing Techniques 30 min yes
Soft Computing Tool ANN In MATLAB, Working Commands controlled Neural Network, Discussing Different Types Of Ann, Practice Session 110 min no
Session 4 :- Soft Computing Tool Fuzzy Logics In MATLAB
 Soft Computing Tool Fuzzy Logics In MATLAB
Working With Inbuilt Fuzzy Toolbox 20 min yes
Working from the Command Line for fuzzy logics 20 min yes
Application development session 60 min yes
Working from the Command Line for fuzzy logics 20 min yes
System Display Functions 20 min yes
Reading and Evaluation Fuzzy System 20 min yes
Application development session 50 min yes
Project Demonstration On ANN and Fuzzy Logics 90 min no
Session 5 :- Fundamentals of Life Inspired Soft Computing Algorithms
 Fundamentals of Life Inspired Soft Computing Algorithms
Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithm 50 min yes
Defining, Solving and Assessing Optimization Problems 50 min yes
Application development session 50 min yes
Demonstration Of trending Research Topics Using Soft computing 90 min no
Query Handling Session 60 min yes