Wireless Communication

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Wireless communication is one of the best gifts of technology to mankind. Wireless communication is field of communication that involves transferring information from one medium to another without using wires. Wireless communication is attaining attention because of its speed and easy access anywhere. This system is less cumbersome because it do not includes the use of cables. Wireless communication system is easy to install and maintain.
Wireless communication provides vast areas of research because the reliability of the system needs to be improved and lots of advancements are being made in the communication process. A foundation program is introduced by EESPL on wireless communication in which the theoretical concepts of the technology will be explained and you will also be provided lessons about the MATLAB software.
This 30 hour foundation course introduced by EESPL on Wireless communication will educate and upgrade students, researchers, scholars about the wireless technology and its implementation using MATLAB software. This foundation course will upskill your knowledge about the software and the wireless technology along with the concepts of OFDM and wireless clustering in a shorter time span. The foundation course is designed with the aim of gaining more knowledge in lesser time.
Lots of researches are being done in wireless communication as it is the most popular and widely used technology today. Scholars and researchers are working to improve the reliability of the system and to increase the speed. Joining foundation course on Wireless communication will open door to many fields of research for carrying out your M-tech project and thesis. The comprehensive knowledge of wireless communication will bring you lots of job opportunities too.

Courses syllabus
Title estimate time PDF Tutorials
Session 1 :- Introduction To Wireless Communication & Software
 Introduction To Wireless Communication & Software
Overview To Communication Protocols 20 min yes
What is wireless Communication, Wireless sensor networks (WSN), ADHOC Networks, MANETS (Mobile ADHOC Networks), Wimax, Vanets OFDMA 20 min yes
Why MATLAB Preferred for wireless communication 20 min yes
Query Handling Session 20 min yes
Overview to MATLAB software and Its Use 20 min yes
Application development Session 20 min no
Session 2 :- Wireless network Structure And MATLAB representation
 Wireless network Structure And MATLAB representation
Introduction to MATLAB Graphical Modules 15 min yes
Wireless Network designing Using MATLAB 15 min yes
Projects Demonstration Session 15 min yes
Practical Session 15 min yes
Session 3 :- Concepts Of OFDMA and Wireless Clustering
 Concepts Of OFDMA and Wireless Clustering
Introduction to OFDM based wireless system [Data generation, Different Modulation Techniques, Channel Noise and Fading Channels, Problems in OFDM systems (PAPR, BER etc)] 30 min yes
Projects Demonstration Session 30 min yes
Practical Session 30 min yes
Session 4 :- Wireless Clustering Techniques
 Wireless Clustering Techniques
Energy Efficient Protocol Concepts 45 min yes
Clustering Approaches In EEPs 45 min yes
Practical Session 90 min no
Project Demonstration 60 min yes
Query Session 60 min yes