MATLAB for Dummies

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Time is a valuable asset and should be utilized properly. EESPL care for this valuable asset and understands the importance of your time. Foundation Courses have been introduced as fast learning programs to save students time by EESPL. These foundation courses do not need your six months or 45 days, all it need is your time in the term of some hours. One such foundation course introduced by EESPL is on MATLAB. MATLAB foundation course is a training program of roundabout 30 hours.
Now the question is What MATLAB is? MATLAB stands for matrix laboratory, developed by Math works in early 1980s. It is a high level 4th generation language that is convenient for technical computing. Codes written in MATLAB are shorter, speedy and easy then the other programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, FORTAN etc. MATLAB is used for plotting, algorithms, computations involving matrix operations and algebra, simulink and gesture based applications. MATLAB finds its applications in various disciplines that include signal and image processing, control systems, communications and computational finance.
In the foundation course introduced by EESPL on MATLAB, you will be taught the basics of MATLAB, matrix operations, algorithms and plotting in MATLAB. The core concepts of the language and its use in various applications will also be upskilled.
Practitioners and researchers have used MATLAB in control engineering and now the language is been practiced in number of domains of engineering including education. Recent developments in MATLAB are made in the areas of image processing. MATLAB today is the most favorable language in research and academic areas. Learning MATLAB software will prove lucrative for you while doing your M-tech projects or thesis work.

Courses syllabus
Title estimate time PDF Tutorials
Session 1 :- MATLAB Introduction
 MATLAB Introduction
Introduction to Programming 25 min yes
Programming Evolution 25 min yes
MATLAB History 25 min yes
Current Scenario 25 min yes
MATLAB Tool Boxes 25 min yes
MATLAB Interface Insight 25 min yes
General File Types, How to Make Compile & Run a Program 30 min yes
Role of Different Windows 30 min yes
General Commands and their testing over command window 30 min yes
Practices session 60 min yes
Session 2 :- MATLAB Programming Essentials
 MATLAB Programming Essentials
Data Types & Variables in MATLAB 20 min yes
Scalar, Vectors and Matrices 20 min yes
Different Matrices Operators 20 min yes
Generally Used Commands & Functions 20 min yes
Control Statement in MATLAB 30 min yes
Writing External Functions 30 min yes
Creating Executable Files 20 min yes
Various Hands On Jobs 60 min yes
Query Session 60 min no
Session 3 :- Plotting in MATLAB
 Plotting in MATLAB
2D Plotting :- Single plot, multiple plots, Change in marker, X-Axis, Y-Axis Labeling, Title, Subplots 30 min yes
Graphs, Bar and BarH Graph, Stem graph 30 min yes
3D Plotting :- Log Semilogx, SemilogY, ezpolar, Mesh graphs 60 min yes
Hands On Practice Session. 120 min no
Session 4 :- GUI Designing in MATLAB
 GUI Designing in MATLAB
GUIDE & Its Interfaces 30 min yes
Different GUI Controls 30 min yes
Writing Callback functions for each Control 30 min yes
Main Controls 60 min yes
Practice session 90 min no
Session 5 :- Whats new in Graphics Controls
 Whats new in Graphics Controls
Updations from R2014b 30 min yes
Changes in clarity and aesthetics of MATLAB visualizations 30 min yes
Rotatable tick labels & their Automatic Updation 30 min yes
GUI with Tab Panels 30 min yes
GUI & Plots Implementation with Basic Image & Speech Operations [Creating an Image Enhancement Box Application, Creating a Speech Synthesis Application] 90 min no