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Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

Techpacs Masters is primarily operating as a registered R & D lab for the development and conception of Advanced Automation related software and hardware solutions. Our expertise includes electronics and software based stand alone solutions as well as combined integrated solutions termed as "Electrosoft Solutions".

At Techpacs Masters over the years we have developed a core competency to maximize the quality & innovation parameter while working on any task. Our proven values have made us as a prime leader in providing customized solutions.

Techpacs is rendering satisfactory services in Research works, documentation, Code implementation, dissertation writing. Monetary gains are kept at last in the policies of EESPL that is why growing success rate is recorded each year since the time of its set up.

Techpacs Masters took birth 13 years ago in the year 2002, and is accomplishing its aim of success and reliability since then. At Techpacs we always pride ourselves on the vision, skills, expertise and professionalism of our team, and that is what Techpacs Masters is known for.

Our mission statement is to provide endearing technologies of future in the present era and for that we are committed to develop innovative and the most valuable solutions to our customers as our motto is "Changing Ideas into Reality".

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Techpacs Masters is a firm that gives solution to all your problems under one roof from choosing a topic to publishing the paper. Experts at techpacs Masters provides solution to all the software problems and provides you expert guidance in all fields.

  • Optisystem is a software tool that is used for simulating the real world optical fiber communication scenarios. This tool is used for planning and testing the optical links in optical networks.
  • Network simulator is a software that is used in communication or computer networking for analyzing the behavior of the network. NS2 provides open simulation environment for research in the area of computer networking.
  • Development of mobile applications can be done easily using JAVA software. JAVA language is a multipurpose language which is comparatively secure than other programming languages.
  • Hadoop is an open-source, Java-based implementation of Google's MapReduce framework. All the modules in Hadoop are designed for automatic handling in software by the framework in case of hardware failures.
  • MATLAB is a software that have number of toolboxes in it. MATLAB can be used for mathematical computations and the image toolbox in it can be used for performing any image processing task.
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